Battle of Bordentown June 9-10, 2007

Living History Units

This is the current list of living history units that will be attending the Battle of Bordentown.

Continental Forces

American units

  • 1st Continental Regiment
  • 1st Maryland Regiment
  • 1st New Hampshire Regiment
  • 1st New Jersey Regiment, Col Ogden's
  • 1st New York Regiment, McCrackens Coy
  • 1st Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 1st Rhode Island Regiment
  • 1st Ulster County Militia, Col. Snyder Regiment
  • 1st Virginia Regiment
  • 2nd Massachusetts Regiment
  • 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, Cherry's Coy
  • 2nd New Jersey, Helm's Coy
  • 2nd New York Regiment
  • 2nd North Carolina Regiment
  • 2nd Regiment Light Dragoons, Tallmadge's Troop
  • 2nd South Carolina Regiment
  • 3rd New York, Long Island Coy
  • 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment, Light Coy
  • 3rd Tryon County Milita Regiment
  • 4th Continental Light Dragoons, Fauntleroy's Troop
  • 5th Connecticut Regiment
  • 5th New York Regiment
  • 5th Pennsylvania Regiment, Light Coy
  • 5th Pennsylvania Regiment, Rifle Coy
  • 6th Connecticut Regiment
  • 6th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 7th Virginia Regiment
  • 10th Massachusetts Regiment, Light Coy
  • 11th Pennsylvania Regiment
  • 13th Continental Regiment
  • 14th Massachusetts Regiment (Glover's Marblehead Regiment)
  • 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment
  • Captain John Outwater's Coy of Militia
  • Col. Albert Pawling's Independent Corp of Levies
  • Continental Marines, Trevitt's Company
  • Coren's Independent Artillery
  • Doughty's Artillery Coy
  • Eames' Rangers
  • German Regiment
  • Lamb's Artillery Coy
  • Lexington Training Band
  • Morgan Rifle Company
  • Mott's Artillery Coy
  • New Jersey Militia, Heard's Brigade
  • Pennsylvania State Regiment
  • Proctor's Pennsylvania Artillery Coy
  • Selin's Rifle Coy
  • United Train of Artillery
  • Von Heer's Provost Corps
  • Wayne's Light Infantry Corps, Maryland Coy
  • Whitcomb's Rangers

French units

  • Régiment Bourbonnais
  • Régiment de Gatinois
  • Régiment de Saintonge
  • Régiment d'artillerie d'Auxonne

British Forces

British units

  • 1st Foot Guards
  • 4th Regiment of Foot
  • 4th Coy, Brigade of Guards
  • 5th Regiment of Foot
  • 9th Regiment of Foot
  • 16th Queen's Light Dragoons
  • 22nd Regiment of Foot
  • 23rd Regiment of Foot
  • 24th Regiment of Foot
  • 29th Regiment of Foot
  • 40th Regiment of Foot
  • 42nd Regiment of Foot
  • 43rd Regiment of Foot
  • 60th Regiment of Foot/2nd-4th Battalion
  • 62nd Regiment of Foot
  • 64th Regiment of Foot
  • 74th Regiment of Foot
  • H.M. Marines
  • 4th Bn. Royal Artillery, "H" Battery
  • 4th Bn. Royal Artillery, "W" Battery
  • North Atlantic Squadron
  • Royal Irish Artillery

Loyalist units

  • 1st New Jersey Volunteers
  • 4th New Jersey Volunteers
  • Butler's Rangers, Capt. Frey's Coy
  • King's Royal Regiment of New York
  • Loyal American Regiment
  • Maryland Loyalists
  • Queens Rangers

German units

  • Fusilier Regiment von Knyphausen
  • Infanterie-Regiment von Bose
  • Infanterie-Regiment von Donop
  • Pausch's Coy Hesse Hanau Artillery
  • von Prueschenck's Company Feld Jaeger Corps


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This section contains information living historians need for the Battle of Bordentown. This includes participant schedule, list of registered units, command structure and other important information that participants will need. It also includes information for Sutlers/Merchants.
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