Battle of Bordentown June 9-10, 2007

Sutler, Vendor and Merchant Information

Sutlers, Vendors and Merchants:

The Battle of Bordentown has a limited area for sutlers and needs the following form filled in completely. Because the area for sutlers has limited space, we will be assigning the space and expect setups to have crossed ropes. All participants at the Battle of Bordentown event must provide evidence of liability insurance. As far as we and the site management are concerned, the sutlers are part of this event along with the soldiers and camp followers, and not a separate entity. Thus all sutlers, like the reenactment units, must have liability insurance and provide proof. We must have a copy of your policy declarations page, or similiar document, showing you or your sutler name has liability insurance. Umbrella coverage is acceptable You will also be responsible for filing the appropriate taxation documents with the State of New Jersey. We also expect you to dress in period appropriate clothing while conducting business.

Set-up Time: 8 a.m. Friday.

NO set-ups any earlier. NO setting up after 8:00 AM Saturday while other sutlers are opening and conducting business. Plan your arrival accordingly.

Prohibited Sales:

  1. You can display the firearms, you just can't sell them. State of NJ laws.
  2. Non-Rev War merchandise - If you have Rendezvous, Renaissance, 1812, Civil War, Plains or Western Native, or other period merchandise DO NOT bring it to the Battle of Bordentown.
  3. T-Shirts, Baseball Caps, Modern Coffee Mugs, Vinyl Banners, Non-period Flags, Mexican blankets, Coloring Books, Plastic Toys, Pop-guns, etc. Again if the merchandise is not period appropriate for a Rev War military camp or local merchant, don't bring it.


Near sutlers row will be water, ice, and porta-johns. Cooking fires are allowed if you remove the sod. Firewood will be available in the camps. No open fires near tentage, ie 30 ft minimum??? A 3+ gallon water bucket must accompany every fire.


Everyone is welcome to stay overnight Sunday but must depart on Monday by 10:00 AM.

Registration is closed for the Battle of Bordentown.



Logistics contains directions on how to get to the Battle of Bordentown event from various locations. Its also contains links to accommodations near Bordentown, New Jersey and attractions in the surrounding area.


The news section contains all the latest news about the Battle of Bordentown and any recent important updates to this web site. It also contains links to press articles that talk about the Battle of Bordentown and the 325th Anniversary of the city of Bordentown.


This section contains information living historians need for the Battle of Bordentown. This includes participant schedule, list of registered units, command structure and other important information that participants will need. It also includes information for Sutlers/Merchants.
The online unit registration is now closed.

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